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The Invisible Customer - How Private Equity Practice Ownership is Changing the Biopharma Industry
As a biopharma marketer, why should you care about private equity? The answer is simple – private equity is the powerful customer you cannot see. Invisible forces are driving the biopharma buying process and if you’re not careful, you may miss a golden opportunity to engage with this emerging customer segment.

Join us on February 24th and learn why it’s critical to incorporate Private Equity Practices into your commercial strategy.

Here's a preview of what you can expect to learn at this event:

- Understand the impact of private equity acquisition and management of healthcare practices on the biopharma market landscape
- Understand PE firm’s practice management strategy including financial objectives, ownership tenure and exit strategy
- Review implications of PE practice management on emerging customer segments for biopharma engagement and potential areas of mutual interest to drive engagement


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Lisa Pilla
Biopharma Commercial Leader, President @CoAction Consulting LLC.
Lisa Pilla, RPH, MBA is a biopharmaceutical strategic advisor and commercial strategy expert. An industry leader in commercial strategy and sales and marketing effectiveness, Lisa’s career spans over 30 years in Fortune 500, start-up and independent biopharmaceuticals and life sciences companies. Through her entrepreneurial spirit, she has evolved, transformed and built cross-functional organizations as a commercial executive, consistently delivering sustainable growth through multiple business cycles. She has led business units, in big pharma and specialty biotechnology. Lisa has the unique ability to leverage her scientific background and commercial leadership expertise to develop commercial strategies and operational plans across multiple functions— including commercial coordination within research and development, new product launches, field force leadership, strategic marketing, business development, and market access.
Gina Mastrosimone
BioPharma Strategy Advisor
Gina Mastrosimone is an accomplished biopharma Strategy and Marketing consultant with over 25 years of industry and advisory experience working for and with Fortune 500 companies. Her projects focus on helping organizations enhance their value through insight generation and converting implications into desired outcomes. Driven by excellence and a passion for problem-solving, she is able to develop bespoke plans and motivate individuals to work cross-functionally towards a common goal.